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July 9th, 2016

Hastings Skatepark

2901 E Hastings St, Vancouver, Canada.

Hastings skatepark, Vancouver, Canada
Hastings skatepark, Vancouver, Canada

Hastings skatepark was designed by Jim Barnum at Spectrum skateparks and completed in 2001. At the time the city of Vancouver was lacking coping bowls and Hastings was built to not only fill that void but to deliver a modern, world class transition facility to Vancouver skateboarding.  The bowl consists of multiple hips, corners, depths (4',6',8',10'3), transfers, spine, endless coping and a 6-8' volcano that's been named the "Black Russian" in memory of the late Josh Evin (1981-2010) who rode away from many mind boggling tricks on it. 

Over the years there have been many events hosted at Hastings from the Slam City Jam Bowl jams, Battle at Hastings, Van Doren Invitationals and multiple demos. It's safe to say many pros and ams from multiple generations have tested out her beautiful curves and smooth coping. Notable locals include Alex Chalmers, Keegan Sauder, Rick McCrank, Sluggo, Renee Renee, Josh Evin (RIP) and the Hastings Beach lifeguards who are always off duty. 
The scene behind the bowl continues to run deep and on any given Friday evening the lifeguards are on deck, running the BBQ, blasting tunes, crushing a few cans and keeping the kooks away.

- Adam Hopkins, Vans Canada team skater

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Friday, July 8th No Webcast
12pm - 4pm Qualifyers – Organized Jams
Saturday, July 9th
2pm Semi-Finals LIVE
4pm Finals LIVE
5pm Best Trick LIVE
5:30pm Awards LIVE
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Jul 9, 9:00pm UTC

Location Date Time
Vancouver (Local Time) July 9 2pm
Melbourne July 10 7am
Los Angeles July 9 2pm
New York July 9 5pm
Rio de Janeiro July 9 6pm
London July 9 10pm


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