World Championship



August 20th, 2016

Kroksbäck Skatepark

Hyllievångsvägen 6, Malmö, Skåne.

Kroksbäck Skatepark, Malmö  Photo: Philip Evans</span>
Kroksbäck Skatepark, Malmö Philip Evans

Malmö is run by skateboarders. Twenty years of driven skaters and a city that rather says ‘yes’ than ‘no’ has created one of the strongest scenes out there. Not only will you find some of the most interesting skateparks, but a barrage of DIY-spots and public spaces adapted for skating. A highschool for skaters situated in a skatepark? No joke in Malmö.

For the VPSPS final in Malmö, Vans, Bryggeriet and Dreamland  Skateparks have come together to create a brand new legacy park designed specifically for VPSPS. With an open design between 5 and 9ft with features that blend into the flow, the park is looking to pack some serious punch.

The Park is currently under construction and will be done in August 2016  for the Vans Pro Skate Park Series World Championship.

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3:30pm – 4pm Men’s Warm-ups LIVE
4pm Men's World Championships Semi-Finals LIVE
5:45pm Finals LIVE
6:30pm Awards LIVE
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