Marcelo Jimenez Wins the Chile Men's National Championships

For the first time in Chile, on March 25th, Vans made it happen, The Vans Park Series National Championship took place in one of the best local Skateparks, located in Parque Los Reyes in downtown.

With more than two thousand spectators, the best of the National skater scene, men and women,  left everything in the bowl to win the first places.

In men's category, the first place was for Marcelo Jimenez, a 20 years old Skater who runs the bowl like a king.

Benjamin Perez, Marcelo Jimenez & Braulio Sagas  Photo: Cristian Saavedra</span>

Benjamin Perez, Marcelo Jimenez & Braulio Sagas Cristian Saavedra

* Men and Women includes anyone who identifies as cisgender, trans, non-binary, and/or gender nonconforming skaters.