Skateboarding is freedom. In 1989 when George Powell, the owner of Powell Peralta Skateboards, flew to Beijing China was transforming from a closed market Communist society to an open global super power. George had one goal: to bring skateboarding to the biggest country in the world. The only problem: there were no skaters or skateboards anywhere in China.

We had no idea what to expect when we started on this one. What we found was skateboarding has opened the hearts and minds of the Chinese youth and skaters in China are as dedicated and passionate about skating as anyone in the world.

Music Credits:

Schuykill River Bandits

War Hippies
"Track 10"

"Track 3"

Tait Roeloff #1
"Track 1"
“Jam 6”

Josh Landau
"Nightmare Break"
"Creepy Crawler"
"Stomp and Shred"
"Back Pocket"
“RB 6”