Saturday, July 13

Montréal – 12 p.m.
Los Angeles – 9 a.m.
New York – 12 p.m.
London – 5 p.m.
São Paulo – 1 p.m.
Shanghai – 12 a.m. (Sunday, July 14)
Sydney – 2 a.m. (Sunday, July 14)

Costa Mesa, CALIF. (July 9, 2019) – After an absolutely electric VPS event in Brazil two weeks ago, the fierce pool of competitors are back, looking to elevate their performance in Montréal, Canada for the third qualifier event of the 2019 Vans Park Series Pro Tour. As a critical midway-point of the season, competitors will head to the Montréal Olympic Park, the landmark site of the 1976 Summer Olympics, this weekend, July 12-13 to once again improve their Park Series rankings. With the 2019 VPS World Championships only two months away, skaters are feeling the pressure to showcase the very best of what they’ve got.

Trailer: Montreal, Canada

This is a historic stop both for the Park Series tour and the country of Canada, as skaters will experience for the first time, over 38,000 square feet of brand new, permanent built-to-spec park terrain, donated by Vans Park Series and the Montréal Olympic Park to the province of Québec. This skatepark will be the first-ever Canadian VPS-certified park terrain legacy course. The new park — christened the Vans Skatepark — will be free, open to the public, accessible to skateboarders of all skill levels and aims to nurture skate culture and local community.

The new Vans Skatepark in Montréal  Photo: Sebastien Petit</span>

The new Vans Skatepark in Montréal Sebastien Petit

Last month’s Brazil event delivered some of the most action-packed days ever seen on a VPS tour. Brazilian natives Yndiara Asp and Pedro Barros took first place, firing up the passionate local fans that came out to support them. Check out the latest event highlights here. Pedro Barros will once again be one to watch; after sitting out of the first event in Shanghai, Barros came to the São Paulo ready to prove himself in front of a home crowd. After two consecutive years of winning the VPS Vancouver stops, all eyes will be on him to see if he can repeat the performance at the new, uncharted Vans legacy park in Montréal.

Canadian talent hoping to earn a wildcard spot in the competition include Riley Boland, Adam Hopkins and James Clarke, along with Montréal native Phil Dulude. Check out the latest confirmed field of competitors for the Canada stop, including new challengers, and tune in to watch some of the most talented skaters from all over the world battle it out on Saturday, July 13 on

The 2019 Vans Park Series Pro Tour will be streamed live on in English.

Competitor Field




Select Pros

CJ Collins (USA)
Cory Juneau (USA)
Pedro Barros (BRA)
Roman Pabich (USA)

Tour Challengers

Chris Russell (USA)
Karl Berglind (SWE)
Cedric Pabich (USA)
Ronnie Sandoval (USA)

Tour Wildcards

Curren Caples (USA)

Event Wildcards TBC

Phil Dulude (CAN)
Riley Boland (CAN)
Adam Hopkins (CAN)
James Clarke (CAN)


Select Pros

Jordyn Barratt (USA)
Yndiara Asp (BRA)

Tour Challengers

Mami Tezuka (JPN)

Tour Wildcards

Lizzie Armanto (FIN)

Open Challengers

Alisa Fessl (AUT)
Autumn Tust (USA)
Baily McDonald (CAN)
Fay Ebert (CAN)
Frédérique Luyet (CAN)
Grace Marhoefer (USA)
Laura Girvan (CAN)

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