Montréal, CANADA (July 13, 2019) – Canadian skateboarding is forever changed after today’s historic moment at the brand new Vans skatepark located in Montréal. Thousands of skate enthusiasts witnessed Pedro Barros and Yndiara Asp claim back-to-back wins at the third stop of Vans Park Series 2019.

Inspiring the next generation of skateboarders, Pedro and Yndiara utilized Montréal’s new skatepark with creative lines and combinations that not only earned them first place but set the standard on what can be achieved in the permanent skatepark left behind for the community. Pedro, needing a huge score on his final run to surpass Corey Juneau, prevailed with an improvised trick combination that no one had yet seen.

3rd Lizzie Armanto, 1st Yndiara Asp, 2nd Jordyn Barratt  Photo: Michael Burnett</span>

3rd Lizzie Armanto, 1st Yndiara Asp, 2nd Jordyn Barratt Michael Burnett

“Cory nailed that run, and I thought, it can’t get any better than that,” Pedro stated. “At that point, I just kind of threw everything at it!” For Yndiara, the event was slightly less dramatic but no less exciting, leading from start to finish, by nailing technical tricks and impressive maneuvers across the two days of competition. Drawing energy from the frenetic crowd, Yndiara said, “This crowd and the skate community was everything, they make me want to skate better every day.”

The amped-up crowd at Saturday’s Finals that powered Yndiara to victory rivaled the hardcore Brazilian skate fans of São Paulo, but the skating was the best seen so far on the 2019 VPS Pro Tour. Joining Yndiara on the women’s podium, Jordyn Barratt came in second place, and Lizzie Armanto in third, with their unique and exciting runs. For the men, Cory Juneau earned himself a respectable second place, with unbelievably fluid lines in the finals. The leader coming out of Semis, Tristan Rennie, won himself a back-to-back third place trophy this weekend with effortless runs considering the level of difficulty.

Pedro Barros winning run

Yndiara Asp's winning run

Congratulations to all the VPS skateboarders and a huge thank you to the community of Montréal for making this milestone a reality! Merci Montréal!


2019 VPS Men’s Pro Tour, São Paulo

  1. Pedro Barros (BRA)
  2. Cory Juneau (USA)
  3. Tristan Rennie (USA)

2019 VPS Women’s Pro Tour, São Paulo

  1. Yndiara Asp (BRA)
  2. Jordyn Barratt (USA)
  3.  Lizzie Armanto (FIN)

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2019 VPS Men’s Tour Challenger Rankings

Top 5 Season-End Rankings Advance to World Championships

  1. Luiz Francisco (BRA)
  2. Tristan Rennie (USA)
  3. Vincent Matheron (FRA)
  4. Heimana Reynolds (USA)
  5. Murilo Peres (BRA)

2019 VPS Women’s Tour Challenger Rankings

Top 5 Season-End Rankings Advance to World Championships

  1. Mami Tezuka (JPN)
  2. Shani Bru (FRA)
  3. Kihana Ogawa (JPN)
  4. Isadora Pacheco (BRA)
  5. Grace Marhoefer (USA)

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