Courtesy of Red Bull

It is genuinely unbelievable how many things can go wrong while running a skate contest. Spilt-drink slipouts. What time’s my run? The police are here. Where’s the judge? Someone in the crowd has fainted. I think I missed my run. Can my brother get a wristband? Lost boards. What time’s my run, again?

We mic’d up some of the skaters involved in the Vans Park Series stop in Chelles, France and the Red Bull Bowl Rippers in Marsielle for backstage antics and crapshoots from the platform of two back-to-back skate events during summer in Europe.

Press play to get an inside scoop on what really happens at a skate contest!

Vincent Matheron (FRA)  Photo: Anthony Acosta</span>

Vincent Matheron (FRA) Anthony Acosta

Yndiara Asp Frontside Air  Photo: Anthony Acosta</span>

Yndiara Asp Frontside Air Anthony Acosta