The evolution and inspiration of the Vans Park Series and park skating is all thanks to the visionary DIY skateparks built under the bridges over the years starting with Burnside.

In the latest episode of 'Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding' Grosso pays homage to all the scenes that created these magical spots. Watch as Jeff dives into the history Burnside, Channel St, Lower Bobs, FDR and Washington Street.

Music Credits:

Schuykill River Bandits
"El Camino"
Josh Landau

"Chucky Chucky Now Now"
"Bongos and Guitar"
"Surf Space"

Environmental Sounds
"Track 3"

Veit and Fanning
"Greedy and White"

RB 13
"Surf Space"


Won Jams
"Won Jams 5"

George Draguns
"Track 6"

Chuck Treece


"Gravedodger 2"